About OC Shrinks


The Orange County Shrinks was officially created as an online space for mental health professionals in the OC to connect and find referrals, but it has grown into so much more.

The three founding members of the Orange County Shrinks loved the connections that they were making in the online Facebook group. However, they all felt that meeting and connecting in person would have a larger impact on the whole community! 

In the winter of 2014, Priscilla, Shelby, and Mercedes put on their first OC Shrinks mixer at The Crowbar in Newport Beach, CA. Not only was the mixer a huge success, but it let the founders know that this was something their colleagues were looking for. From that first mixer, they decided to add sponsorship and put on more mixers a year to open a fun and engaging space for mental health professionals in Orange County, CA. 


Being Connected Means Being Empowered
— OC Shrinks Motto

Orange County Shrinks Mission

The mission of OC Shrinks is to create a space for therapists and mental health professionals in the OC to learn more about the services we all offer, and create referral sources that are built of trust and connection! We know it can get lonely in this work and loneliness leads to burnout and fatigue! And, that's no fun! So, join us and connect with us!