Want To Submit A Blog To OC Shrinks?


When it comes to supporting the dialogue about mental health and wellness, we are all in! 

And since we cannot write all that there is about mental health and wellness, we wanted to create an opportunity for our amazing community of mental heath professionals to submit blogs and articles to share their expertise and wisdom with the larger mental health community! 

We will be accepting submissions for blog posts starting in April 2018. There is no limit to how many articles you submit. But, there are a few guidelines. 

Blog Article Guidelines:

  • Cannot be promotional: we don't mind you mentioning your work or client niche, but please do not make a whole post asking readers to visit your page or your services
  • Must be edited and well thought out: this is not an opinion blog; we want to share information that has been edited and if using references, be from peer reviewed or reputable sources.
  • Must be culturally sensitive: please be aware that mental health and wellness is all inclusive and does not exclude any person based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, political views, race, nationality, or age. 
  • We reserve the right to decide on which articles are best suited for our audience and readers. We may ask that you edit your articles and/or that you add/remove certain elements. All published work becomes the property of Orange County Shrinks and cannot be reproduced elsewhere. We will email all authors of whether their article will be added to the queue and when it will be published. 

**Other guidelines may be updated as we receive more submissions.**

If you have read the guidelines above and wish to submit a piece for consideration then please submit the following to ocshrinks@gmail.com:

  • Article in a Word document (all other formats will be ignored)
  • Headshot
  • Credentials and expertise in the area explored in your submitted article

We look forward to reading your submissions.